Mechanical Installation

Mechanical Installation

We install long-lasting mechanical systems in accordance with NFPA standards, from fire protection systems to underground piping systems, from process lines to pumping stations.


Mechanical installation fabrication involves the construction of mechanical systems such as heating, cooling, ventilation, water supply, sewage and fire protection in a building. The first step is to design the mechanical plumbing systems. At this stage, our engineer team works and calculates details such as system sizing, pipelines and equipment placement. In line with the calculations, a design model is developed in accordance with local regulations, energy efficiency requirements and the needs of the building. Appropriate materials are selected for mechanical installation systems. This can include various components such as pipelines, heating and cooling equipment, ventilation systems, pumps and valves. Material selection is made by considering factors such as durability, compatibility and performance.


Mechanical installation manufacturing covers the process of cutting, shaping and assembling pipelines. Pipelines are cut to the correct dimensions, connections are made and mounted with appropriate methods. In this process, welding, soldering, screwing or fasteners are used. Heating, cooling, ventilation and other mechanical equipment are installed. These include the correct placement of equipment such as boilers, air conditioning units, pump systems, fans and filters. Electrical connections and controls of the equipment are also provided. Pipelines and plumbing systems manufactured are subjected to tests such as pressure test and tightness test. These tests are done to ensure that the system works safely and healthily. If any leaks or errors are detected, necessary corrections are made. Pipelines and equipment are covered with suitable insulation materials. Insulation saves energy and increases the efficiency of systems. In addition, building elements such as walls, ceilings and floors are suitably coated.

Mechanical Installation Applications


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