Other Services

We produce structures in accordance with current earthquake resistant standards, secure scaffolding in accordance with TS 12810-1 standards and fast solutions suitable for all projects, from management buildings to roads and bridges, from logistics facilities to treatment plants.

Reinforced Concrete Services

Reinforced concrete services is a process that involves constructing structures using concrete and steel. Reinforced concrete structures increase the durability of structures by combining the strength of concrete and the tensile strength of steel.

Storage Tank Transport Services

Storage tank transport services are a process that involves moving large-scale storage tanks from one place to another. These services provide transportation of storage tanks used in industrial plants, refineries, ports or petrochemical plants.

Safe Scaffolding Services

Safe scaffolding services are a service that includes scaffolding systems installed so that workers can work safely during construction or maintenance work. Safety scaffolds are used to provide security in work areas at height and to prevent falls and other work accidents.

Altıntel Storage Tanks Foundation and Infrastructure Works

Reinforced concrete tank foundation services are built to facilitate the assembly of steel structures into concrete ground. In addition, the storage tank built thanks to the foundation is connected to the foundation by means of gijons in order not to be damaged by natural disasters.

Tank Dismantling Works

Tank disassembly is the process of disassembling and transporting a tank.


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