Storage Tank

Storage Tank

With our experienced staff, we make turnkey storage tanks in accordance with API 650 standards, using high quality steel. In addition, we disassemble your storage tanks on-site in accordance with OHS-E rules.

The purpose of use, storage capacity, properties of the material to be stored and other requirements of the storage tank are determined. The design of the storage tank is made in 3D digitally. At this stage, the dimensions of the tank, material selection, wall thickness, connection points and other details are determined. Appropriate material is selected for the storage tank. This material may differ depending on the purpose of storage and the properties of the material to be stored. For example, materials such as steel, concrete, polyethylene are widely used. After the design is approved, the production of the storage tank begins. At this stage, the materials are cut, joined and the tank is ensured to have the desired properties. The manufacturing process is carried out by our professional team, each of whom is an expert in their fields.

The manufactured storage tank is assembled in the area where it will be used and the installation process is completed. In this process, the correct placement of the tank, its connections and the installation of the necessary equipment are carried out. Tests are carried out to ensure that the storage tank is working correctly. These tests include checking the tank for tightness, compressive strength, performance and safety. After successful completion of the tests, the tank is ready for use. It is important to regularly maintain and manage the operation of the storage tank. This includes cleaning the tank, performing periodic checks, and performing maintenance as needed. Storage tank construction is a complex process. In this process, it is important to follow the appropriate design, material selection, manufacturing and testing steps. You also need to consider local regulations and standards.

9300 m³ – Storage Tank Construction

Dow – Construction of 4 Stainless Storage Tanks

Eti Maden Emet Boron Facilities – Construction of 3 5000 m³ Storage Tanks

Golteks Petroleum and Chemical Storage Tank Construction

Raw Water Storage Tank Construction

Altintel Port and Terminal Operate. Inc.

Petrol Ofisi Samsun – Storage Tank Construction

United Refinery – Erbil-IRAQ – Storage Tank Construction

Polisan 16+1 – Storage Tank Construction

Safiport Derince

Tank Lifting Operation by Hydraulic Unit

A hydraulic unit is a mechanism used to lift a tank. This mechanism uses its hydraulic power to generate a large amount of force and allows the tank to be lifted.

Application of Submerged Arc Welding to Base and Barrel Sheets in Storage Tank Construction

Submerged arc welding is a welding process performed under underwater conditions. This process is used for welding structures that are or work under water, such as submarine structures, ship hulls, underwater pipelines.


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