Steel Construction

Steel Construction

By using steel suitable for projects, terminal buildings, industrial/logistics/sports/filling facilities, hangars, roofs, fire escapes, pipe bridges etc. We produce optimum solutions in construction.


Steel construction manufacturing is a process in which structures are built using steel material. Steel constructions are generally preferred in industrial and commercial structures due to their durability, strength and fast construction advantage. The first step in steel construction manufacturing is the 3D design of the structure in digital environment. At this stage, our expert engineer team designs the plan and 3D drawings of the project by making static calculations of the structure. Design is the stage where the dimensions of the structure, transport systems, connection details and other technical features are determined. Suitable steel material should be selected for steel constructions. Generally, structural steel is a choice with high strength and machinability. Factors such as loads affecting the structure, environmental factors and budget should be considered in material selection. The fabrication of steel construction includes cutting, forming and joining structural steel elements. The manufacturing process is usually carried out in a workshop. Steel elements are cut to size, joined by welding or screws and other details are added.


In the manufacturing process, quality control steps are applied. These steps include testing welds, checking dimensions, inspecting surface quality and providing other quality parameters. The manufactured steel construction elements are transported to the assembly area and the assembly of the structure is carried out. At the assembly stage, the elements are correctly placed, connections are made and other additional components are added. Upon completion of the assembly, other structural elements (walls, roof, floor, etc.) are built and other necessary operations are carried out to complete the structure. The interior and exterior finishing works of the building are completed.

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