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We offer planned and unplanned stoppages, maintenance and modification works required by all industrial facilities, especially storage tank revisions according to API 653, with our experienced staff 24/7.


Maintenance downtime service is a process in which a facility or equipment is temporarily stopped for regular maintenance, repair or overhaul. This service is required to increase the performance of the plant or equipment, ensure its safety, reduce the risk of failure and extend its life. The maintenance downtime service usually includes the following steps:


1. Planning: At the planning stage for the maintenance downtime service, the time period during which the plant or equipment will be stopped is determined. This process is done by considering business planning, production demands, customer needs and other factors. During the planning phase, the required materials, equipment and personnel resources are also determined.


2. Preparation: The preparation phase before the maintenance stop service includes the preliminary preparations that should be made during the time period when the plant or equipment will be stopped. This includes the procurement of spare parts, preparation of the necessary equipment, making the necessary documentation and taking security measures. In addition, the determination of the tasks of the maintenance teams and the creation of work plans are also carried out at this stage.


3. Stopping and Unloading: During the time period determined for the maintenance stop service, the plant or equipment is stopped and unloading operations are performed. This means that the plant or equipment has been removed from normal production and the associated systems have been safely shut down. In this process, it is also ensured that the products are stored or safely evacuated, if any.


4. Maintenance and Repair Operations: During the maintenance stop service, scheduled maintenance and repair operations are carried out. This includes cleaning equipment, replacing parts, performing repair and refurbishment work, and performing measurements and tests. This phase is carried out according to the program and instructions determined by the maintenance team.


5. Controls and Tests: After the maintenance and repair operations are completed, it is necessary to check and test the operating performance of the plant or equipment. This is done to ensure that the systems are working correctly, that the performance is up to standards and meets safety requirements.

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