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Sutek Engineering was established in 2014 as a continuation of the work and effort of the companies, which started professional business life in the nineties and are partners of engineers who graduated from schools with a long history of our country.

It is the latest meeting point of a team that has realized a total of 300 storage tanks, 110,000 tons of steel and 160,000 m2 turnkey projects in the country and abroad in the past.

Our goal is to carry the legacy it has received from its past further, to become one of the companies that our country is proud of, both at home and abroad.


Until today, it has served leading companies in Airports, Hotels, Aluminum, Iron and Steel, Metallurgy, Chemical Storage Areas, Ports, Manufacturing Sectors and Treatment Facilities. It continues to increase the quality of these services day by day.

The diversity that emerges as a result of our company serving in many businesses under very different locations and conditions is to the serious advantage of our customers. In our projects, it has been demonstrated that problems and disruptions are more clearly defined thanks to the coordination between the businesses located in different cities and our center.


Preferring to create a common culture within the company, all employees, including the Managers at our Construction Sites, were encouraged to continue their efforts to be solution-oriented. It has always helped us to go one step further, by solving the problems in the shortest time and practically, by revealing the engineering skills in the best way possible.


In order to maintain our place in today’s globalizing economic world, we have become a company that can renew ourselves for changing strategic goals, and in order to protect this, we ensure the formation of a full power union with our employees whose improvement, analysis and decision-making skills develop.


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