Environmental & Energy Policy


Environmental and Energy Policy

Sustainable growth, which we place on the main axis of our activities,

As an engineering company that is aware that it is possible as long as we keep the sustainable environment and energy principles alive;

To use natural resources efficiently, to increase fairy transformation and fairy gain,

Considering energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies while creating all processes from the design stage,

Developing and implementing energy efficiency projects that will have a positive impact on climate change,

Purchasing energy-efficient products, services and technologies, supporting high-performance designs,

We aim to carry out our production activities by applying Environmental and Energy Management Systems.


In this direction;

To comply with the applicable legal and other requirements regarding the environment and energy,
To continuously improve and develop our environmental and energy performance,
To take the necessary measures to reduce or eliminate the negative environmental effects of our activities,
To periodically review our determined goals and objectives, to create the necessary resources to achieve these goals and objectives,
To raise awareness of all our works, our subcontractors, suppliers, customers and people in the environment about our responsibilities to the environment, to ensure their participation and to be in constant communication.
Considering environmental impacts in plant and process design.
Evaluate recycling and re-evaluation alternatives by reducing the waste that may occur as a result of production transportation, stocking, operation and maintenance activities.
To create health, safety and environmental integrity by reducing emergency risks that may occur within the framework of occupational health and safety rules.
We declare and undertake to increase awareness and sensitivity by ensuring that our policy is understood and adopted by our stakeholders.


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