Quality Policy


Quality Policy

Studies for the sustainability and development of Quality Management System Principles and Policies are determined by the senior management as a result of internal and external requests. The determined principles are made in accordance with the TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Standard and act in line with this goal and ensure continuous improvement. Innovations, changes and developments within the framework of the Quality Management System are announced in a way that raises and raises the awareness of all employees and stakeholders.


In addition, by applying this policy, it is the insurance of Sutek Engineering, which is a leader among ongoing companies, to develop and maintain its existence as a permanent, reliable, privileged, preferred and successful company in its field of activity.


1. Customer-oriented work
In order to increase the lifetime value of our customers and maximize their satisfaction, requests are collected before each project and fabrication. The work done is first checked within the company’s audit mechanism and presentation preparations are made. In this way, waste of time and resources is prevented and material and moral savings are achieved.


2. Using time efficiently
Each step before the project and production is handled together with the risks. Work progress is planned according to needs analysis and timely and high quality work is delivered.


3. Technology and catch up with the era
All kinds of technological developments for the sector are followed all over the world. Transformation investments are realized at the right time by extracting the feasibility of the application and result costs of these developments in the business areas.


4. Reliability
Increasing the visibility of this title we have in our current business environment by standardizing the timely and high quality deliveries.


5. Developing e-QMS
The requirements specified in the Integrated Quality Management System Standard are fulfilled. In order to ensure the continuity of this process, to ensure that it is improved and announced to the employees, an ERP system has been established within the company and its traceability has been ensured.


6. Ensuring staff development
Appropriate environment and trainings are prepared for our employees. All employees are supported in terms of training so that they can continuously improve and renew themselves.


7. Increasing Efficiency
All necessary infrastructure investments continue to be made in order to maximize the satisfaction level of our customers by always meeting the needs and expectations of the customers we serve in the most accurate and highest quality manner and to realize all these with the highest efficiency.


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